Ways to beautify my school

It promotes a peaceful learning environment. Source Using Color Schemes In The Classroom The colors in a classroom create an environment that helps to stimulate learning and prevent anxiety.

Ways to beautify my school

But no way around it, decorating your classroom for the new batch of students can be time-consuming, exhausting, and costly. So we pooled together the collective wisdom of some fellow teachers to discuss 18 things to consider when decorating your secondary classroom.

Many of these apply just as much to elementary classrooms as well. It's weird how sometimes our decorations end up disconnected with how old our students really are.

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I teach 7th and 8th graders. Some of them come from fine, constant, healthy family and personal lives. They are the 3rd and 4th sibling to come through our school and succeed. They play Flappy Bird, use Snapchat and Ask. However, while still maintaining privacy, I can share that just last year, I had students bullying each other, students sharing racy photos on social media to improve modeling portfolios, students cutting themselves, students attempting suicide, even students creating fake Ways to beautify my school profiles to bully themselves to gain attention.

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This is the middle school world we teach in. These are the students we are decorating our rooms for. These just might not be clip-art kids. And high school is another giant leap forward or backwardbut it's a giant leap somewhere.

What would our classrooms look like if we designed them to engage these minds and attentions? Use a Meme Generator to create personalized memes and then set them to scroll as your whiteboard background while you cover the rules.

Alternatively, you could print your meme creations and build a delightfully snarky bulletin board. I know we're all the best teachers in the world and stuff, but can we just admit it? Is it okay to say it out loud to the world?

There will be moments when students get bored in our rooms. When they are done with their work early and wanting to gel their brains. When they aren't done with their work at all and are staring at our walls because they don't have windows to the outside world. What would our walls and decorations need to look like to redeem these moments of boredom?

What if, during these moments when they're unengaged or refusing to listen to us, they could be intrigued by what is on our walls? Because they have to look somewhere. How are we using our wall real estate?

Carol used an idiom over her writing wall to teach idioms and open the door to the fundamentals of figurative language. Inspirational or humorous posters and quotes can also be used to fill smaller spaces and give students ideas to ponder on their own.

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Sometime soon we're going to have to teach some stuff that they haven't heard before. Or some stuff they were taught and forgot, flushed straight down the toilet of summer brain. How can we use our wall decorations to engage them? Can we help them see new material and learn a bit of it themselves before we ever get around to that unit?

Because our students are reading our walls.

Ways to beautify my school

That's what they do. They read Facebook walls, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter feeds, and your walls are the closest thing you've got to an academic feed.

Ways to beautify my school

So how can they learn from your walls before they learn from you?Browse beautiful home design ideas, useful how-to articles and easy-to-follow recipes to help you make your best home. Our expert advice makes creating the home you've always wanted easy and fun.

Read this handy article to find out how to decorate your school bag to perfection with little to no effort at all! On My Back(pack) - Tote your books in a totally awesome backpack that you design yourself!

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by Joanna Nesbit. Decide on a schoolwide theme in advance, such as a favorite book or movie, and invite each classroom to design and decorate its classroom door. Award prizes if you wish.

At the beginning of each school year, I like to decorate my desk. This year I have chosen to turn my desk into a ‘gift’. I wrapped it with birthday wrapping paper and made a .

Beautify My School. likes. Beautify My School is a STAY STRONG Initiative. We believe that to create a Contagious Movement, we must first create many.

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