Use onenote to write a novel

The old staring at a blank sheet is bad enough when writing a chapter, but when you haven't even planned further than a nice title or the name of your lead character's pet dog, it can seem an impossible mountain to climb. I admit that I am a bit of a Onenote addict.

Use onenote to write a novel

Enabling third party cookies on your browser could help if you have trouble leaving a comment. He uses it to keep track of details across multiple and complicated projects for work, and suggested it would work just as well for novels.

It's free, and works across all platforms. OneNote allows me to create workbooks for individual writing projects, with tabs to organize aspects of that project displayed clearly across the topand I can add pages as needed to further organize my information displayed nicely in a column on the right.

I can create text boxes and group them on a single page, or treat the pages like one big file. I can add text, or photos, or anything I deem needed for that topic. I can even drawn on the page if I want. Though honestly, OneNote is simple as pie to dive right in and start working.

It gives you a two-minute video that explains the basics right in the program when you launch it for the first time. Benefits of OneNote Easy to organize: I can have one workbook with notes for a novel, to-do lists for activities associated with that novel such as due dates, events, marketing and promotionallinks and research I want on-hand for easy reference, and pretty much anything else I need to save for later.

I can even create subpages on pages for deeper organization. One nice feature is the ability to mark any task as a to-do, even across workbooks.

use onenote to write a novel

You can see at a glance what needs to be done. Works across multiple platforms: I use both PC and Apple products, and it can be a pain switching between them.

This is particularly handy when I want to make notes on my phone, which doesn't have access to my writing program Scrivener.

Using OneNote I have a workbook for my current writing projects both fiction and non-fictiontabs for sections, and within each tab are the pages that contain more information.

This is where I keep all those flashes of inspiration and general thoughts I want to keep track of for a particular project, but have no place to easily write them down without them getting lost. Which always seems to happen to me. The first page is where I have the characters boxed by group for quick reference.

I have a box listing the protagonist and the main characters, one for secondary characters, one for antagonist and minions, one for ancillary characters, etc. This way, I can quickly see everyone in the novel and know if I have names that are too similar and easily jump to their page for more detail.

Individual pages contain all the history and details of that character include photos and physical detailsa summary of their role in the book and their story arc their front story.

This is where I keep my outline and scene summaries. I like to break novels down by act act one, act two-A, act two-B, act three and summarize what happens in each act. This tab contains all the notes and mechanics on my world.

I have a summary page, but also a page for history and how the world works. This tab holds all the notes, photos, websites, and whatever else I need to write the novel.

I use a page per topic and can quickly look up anything I need, when I need it. OneNote adds links and footnotes for items pasted into the page, so I always know where it came from and can return to that site with a click. I can also mark items across multiple workbooks for a To-Do List for even better project management.

Have you tried OneNote? What did you think?

use onenote to write a novel

What other organizational tools do you like? Looking to improve your craft? Check out one of my books on writing: First Draft to Finished Draft series, with step-by-step guides to revising a novel.

She also writes the Grace Harper urban fantasy series for adults under the name, J.A notebook template to get you started on your next novel.

Using Onenote to plan your next book : writing

See Also - Using OneNote for planning, Creating a fantasy map Planning a novel is a vital part of the process, but it . Jul 10,  · In recent days I started to reap the rewards of a decision I made two years ago to utilize the Microsoft OneNote application as my writer’s notebook.

I use this software application to organize story concepts, manuscript outlines, character descriptions, dialogue snippets, and inspirational photographs for characters and settings.

Using Microsoft OneNote to Write a Novel | My Experience.

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Those trying to write a novel know the struggle. I guess we all go through the phase of deciding the right tool to write (formatting to be publishing ready is a whole new story), and I went through mine.

I eventually landed on Microsoft OneNote as my editor of choice during the writing phase. Why OneNote is One-Derful for Writers By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy Research: This tab holds all the notes, photos, websites, and whatever else I need to write the novel.

I use a page per topic and can quickly look up anything I need, when I need it. OneNote adds links and footnotes for items pasted into the page, so I always know where it. Using Onenote for your Novel. When you write your novel, don't forget the audiobook version.

Audiobook Recording Tips - Recording your book. Audiobook Recording Tips - Technical FAQ. On Audible, Amazon & iTunes. Book one of my Dirt fantasy saga is now available as an audiobook.

Jan 13,  · In fact, I wrote an entire novel (ghostwrote, actually, so I can’t tell you what novel it was) using this system. All the planning in OneNote and all 80, words in Microsoft Word. Though I would never recommend writing that much in Word, I can still say .

Using Onenote to plan your next book : writing