Undergraduate thesis rubric

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Undergraduate thesis rubric

Thesis is clearly defined and well constructed to help guide the reader throughout the assignment. Accomplished Establishes a good comprehension of topic and in the building of the thesis. Student demonstrates an effective presentation of thesis, with most support statements helping to support the key focus of assignment.

Developing Student exhibits a basic understanding of the intended assignment, but the thesis is not fully supported throughout the assignment. While thesis helps to guide the development of the assignment, the reader may have some difficulty in seeing linkages between thoughts.

While student has included a few supporting facts and statements, this has limited the quality of the assignment. Beginning Exhibits a limited understanding of the assignment. Reader is unable to follow the logic used for the thesis and development of key themes.

Introduction of thesis is not clearly evident, and reader must look deeper to discover the focus of the writer.

Undergraduate thesis rubric

Student provides comprehensive analysis of details, facts, and concepts in a logical sequence. Accomplished Student exhibits above average usage of subject matter in assignment. Student provides above average ability in relating course content in examples given.

Developing The assignment reveals that the student has a general, fundamental understanding of the course material. Whereas, there are areas of some concerning in the linkages provided between facts and supporting statements. Student generally explains concepts, but only meets the minimum requirements in this area.

What are Rubrics?

Beginning Student tries to explain some concepts, but overlooks critical details. Assignment appears vague or incomplete in various segments. Student presents concepts in isolation, and does not perceive to have a logical sequencing of ideas. Criticial Thinking Skills Exemplary Student demonstrates a higher-level of critical thinking necessary for level work.

Learner provides a strategic approach in presenting examples of problem solving or critical thinking, while drawing logical conclusions which are not immediately obvious.

IRubric: Undergraduate Writing Assignment rubric - B4WAXB: RCampus

Student presents a genuine intellectual development of ideas throughout assignment. Accomplished Student exhibits a good command of critical thinking skills in the presentation of material and supporting statements. Overall, student provides adequate conclusions, with 2 or fewer errors.

Developing Student takes a common, conventional approach in guiding the reader through various linkages and connections presented in assignment. However, student presents a limited perspective on key concepts throughout assignment. Student appears to have problems applying information in a problem-solving manner.


Beginning Student demonstrates beginning understanding of key concepts, but overlooks critical details. Learner is unable to apply information in a problem-solving fashion.

Student presents confusing statements and facts in assignment.Professor Stefanick's Undergraduate Grading Rubric Lorna Stefanick designed this grading rubric and she uses it for grading her students in GOVN , GOVN/GLST , GOVN/GLST , GOVN/GLST If you are a student in another section of these courses, contact your tutor (professor) for the criteria that will be used to grade your papers.

GUIDELINES FOR GRADING UNDERGRADUATE WORK IN ECONOMICS are 55% to grades in our eight departmental courses, 15% to the junior independent work grade, 25% to the senior thesis grade and 5% to the senior comprehensive exam grade.


Since there is a commonality of research methods used in Grading Rubric A+ () The thesis . Several examples of rubrics that can be found on the web are linked below to aid in the development of rubrics for post secondary education settings.

Template for Creating a Rubric The below link is to a MSWord file that contains a template for a rubric and instructions for how to use and modify the template to meet individual grading needs.

1 Undergraduate Academic Assessment Plan Undergraduate Academic Assessment Plan Sociology 2 The Sociology program will examine the option of using a required paper with a departmental rubric as an additional assessment= tool, to be administered within the required methods course, SYA Methods of Social Senior Thesis- Students who.

Oct 23,  · Rubric – Urban Ministry; Research Proposal Rubric for Undergraduate Psychology Research Assessment Tools – Radford University Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship This rubric can be used to assess a student's research and/or grant proposal or as a teaching tool.

At this point in your college career you are probably most used to projects that can be completed in the span of one semester. Your thesis project will likely span multiple semesters and may be larger than any project you’ve taken on in the past.

iRubric: Undergraduate Writing Assignment rubric - D4WAX9: RCampus