Ubtkm 1013 oct tutorial questions

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Ubtkm 1013 oct tutorial questions

We will do our best to make your study of this module successful. You will be well on your way to success if you start studying early in the semester and resolve to do the assignments properly. You will receive a number of tutorial letters during the semester.

A tutorial letter is our way of communicating with you about teaching, learning and assessment. This tutorial letter contains important information about the scheme of work, resources and assignments for this module. We urge you to read it carefully and to keep it at hand when working through the study material, preparing the assignments, preparing for the examination and addressing questions to your lecturers.

Please read Tutorial Letter in combination with this tutorial letter as it gives you an idea of generally important information when studying at a distance and within a particular College. In this tutorial letteryou will find the assignments and assessment criteria as well as instructions on the preparation and submission of the assignments.

It also provides all the information you need with regard to the prescribed study material and other resources and how to obtain them. Please study this information carefully and make sure that you obtain the prescribed material as soon as possible.

We have also included certain general and administrative information about this module. Please study this section of the tutorial letter carefully. Right from the start we would like to point out that you must read all the tutorial letters you receive during the semester immediately and carefully, as they always contain important and, sometimes, urgent information.

We hope that you will enjoy this module and wish you all the best! The module focuses on the role of the assessor in assessing learners. All educators should be able to fulfil this responsibility. The module is one of six which cover six roles of the educator, namely: The educator as mediator of learning 2.

The educator as learning programme developer 3. The educator as assessor 4. The educator as leader, manager and administrator 3 5. The educator as researcher, scholar and lifelong learner 6.

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The educator in a pastoral role The seventh role, namely the educator as subject specialist, is covered by the subject didactics and learning area didactics that form part of your training. Interpret and use assessment results to inform future teaching and learning process.

Prof JM Dreyer E-mail address: All queries that are not of a purely administrative nature but are about the content of this module should be directed to us. Please have your study material with you when you contact us. This brochure contains information on how to contact the University e.

Always have your student number at hand when you contact the University. The educator as assessor. For research support and services of personal librarians, go to http: The Library has compiled numerous library guides: This access enables you to conduct the following academic related activities: Please note that any other activity outside of these are for your own costing e.

For more information on the Telecentre nearest to you, please visit www. As you do the assignment, study the reading texts, consult other resources, discuss the work with fellow students or tutors or do research, you are actively engaged in learning.

Looking at the assessment criteria given for each assignment will help you to understand what is required of you more clearly. Enquiries about assignments e.

Ubtkm 1013 oct tutorial questions

You might also find information on myUnisa. To go to the myUnisa website, start at the main Unisa website, http: This should take you to the myUnisa website.

You can also go there directly by typing in http: Assignments should be addressed to:UBTKM OCT Tutorial Questions Words | 5 Pages MARKETING TUTORIAL Tutorial 1 To discuss administrative issues and general discussion about .

Ubtkm 1013 oct tutorial questions

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