The u 2 affair essay

Visit Website Eisenhower was pleased with the information gathered by the flights.

The u 2 affair essay

The U-2 flew at altitudes that could not be reached by Soviet fighter jets of the era; it was believed to be beyond the reach of Soviet missiles as well. Badaber was an excellent location because of its proximity to Soviet central Asia.

This enabled the monitoring of missile test sites, key infrastructure and communications. The U-2 "spy-in-the-sky" was allowed to use the Pakistan Air Force section of Peshawar Airport to gain vital photo intelligence in an era before satellite observation.

At a time like the Cold Warany act of aggression could spark open conflict between the two countries. With the United Kingdom still reeling from the aftermath of the Suez Crisis and in no position to snub The u 2 affair essay requests, the British government was amenable to the proposal.

Using British pilots allowed Eisenhower to be able to use the U-2 plane to see what the Soviet Union was hiding, while still being able to plausibly deny any affiliation if a mission became compromised.

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After the success of the first two British pilots and because of pressure to determine the number of Soviet intercontinental ballistic missiles more accurately, Eisenhower allowed the flying of two more missions before the Four Power Paris Summit, scheduled for 16 May.

The final two missions before the summit were to be flown by American pilots.

The u 2 affair essay

The U-2 left Soviet air space and landed at an Iranian airstrip at Zahedan. It was clear that the U.

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Central Intelligence Agency had successfully performed an extraordinary intelligence operation. The next flight of the U-2 spyplane from Peshawar airport was planned for late April. On the morning of 29 April, the crew in Badaber was informed that the mission had been delayed one day.

On 30 April, the mission was delayed one day further because of bad weather over the Soviet Union. Soon after the plane was detected, Lieutenant General of the Air Force Yevgeniy Savitskiy ordered the air-unit commanders "to attack the violator by all alert flights located in the area of foreign plane's course, and to ram if necessary".

The U-2's course was out of range of several of the nearest SAM sites, and one SAM site even failed to engage the aircraft since it was not on duty that day. Powers was captured soon after parachuting safely down onto Russian soil.

Under the impression that the pilot had died and that the plane had been destroyed, the Americans had decided to use the NASA cover-up plan. That same day on 5 May, the Senate made its first comments on the U-2 incident, and began a domestic political controversy for Eisenhower. Mike Mansfieldthe Senate Majority Whipstated, "First reports indicate that the President had no knowledge of the plane incident.

If that is the case, we have got to ask whether or not this administration has any real control over the federal bureaucracy.

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His plan began with the release of information to the world that a spy plane had been shot down in Soviet territory, but he did not reveal that the pilot of this plane had also been found and that he was alive.

With the information that Khrushchev released, the Americans believed that they would be able to continue with their cover story that the crashed plane was a weather research aircraft and not a military spy plane. The cover-up said that the pilot of the U-2 weather plane had radioed in that he was experiencing oxygen difficulties while flying over Turkey.

From there they claimed that the plane could have continued on its path because of auto-pilot, and that this could be the plane that crashed in the Soviet Union. The final attempt to make the cover story seem as real as possible was the grounding of all U-2 planes for mandatory inspection of oxygen systems in order to make sure that no other "weather missions" would have the same result as the one that was lost and possibly crashed in the Soviet Union.

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U-2 Incident, (), confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union that began with the shooting down of a U.S. U-2 reconnaissance plane over the Soviet Union and that caused the collapse of a summit conference in Paris between the United States, .

The U-2 Spy Plane Incident. Khrushchev and the U-2 Affair by Michael R. Beschloss, Harper & Row, Publishers, New York, Operation Overflight: The U-2 Spy Pilot Tells His Story For The First Time by Francis Gary Powers with Curt Gentry, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Nov 20,  · U.S. Foreign Policy Nov 15, Snapshot The Long Decline of Congressional Oversight Congress doesn't pay much attention to foreign policy anymore.

May 30,  · Watch video · The U-2 spy plane incident raised tensions between the U.S. and the Soviets during the Cold War (), the largely political clash between the two superpowers and their allies that emerged.

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