Taliban research paper

The Taliban movement is a mainly Pashtun organization that follows a fundamentalist form of deobandilara, an ancient South Asian variant of sunniislam, combined with strict devotion to pashtunwali, the traditional lifestyles and cultural norms. The Taliban has its origins in the rugged Pakistani refugee camps where Afghans fled to after the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan in and today, they have a great influence on the Pakistan side of the border. Many members are trained in the ultra-conservative madrassor, Koranic schools, which are very common in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The religiously conservative general Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq took power after a military coup in the neighboring Islamic Republic of Pakistan in and feared that the Soviet Union would invade Pakistan, so he sought help in Saudi Arabia while the United States has already encouraged the Saudi royal family to support armed rebel groups in the country.

Taliban research paper

From the beginning of history, wars have been centered on religious ideas. These wars have erupted from small religious disagreements that enlarged to form big religious conflict.

A country that has been fighting for religious dominance is Afghanistan. Their strong Islam faith has motivated a group called the Taliban to bring Afghanistan under complete Islamic rule. Their ultimate goal is to bring the entire world under its control using Islam as the universal religion.

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The Mujahadin established itself during the war against the Soviet control of Afghanistan which was from to The United States supported the Mujahadin while fighting against the Soviets. When the Soviet withdrew its troops from Afghanistan, the Mujahadin rose to power. The president of this group was Burhanuddin Rabbani and he was elected by the people of the Mujahadin.

With the distraction of the war, the Taliban could easily create their group.

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They remained weak under the Mujahadin group until the Taliban of Kandahar became active. The Taliban of Kandahar was the Taliban group picked by Pakistan to protect a group who was trying to make a trade route from Pakistan to Central Asia.

The Kandahar showed themselves and everybody else that they were able to become a strong force because they fought against the Mujahadin and warlords. After gaining some power from this, the Taliban wanted to take control of the city Kandahar. Instead, they ended up capturing Kabul in September of From this, the Taliban was able to form their own identity.

The citizens of Afghanistan did not see the Taliban as harmful when they first started to gain power. They did not know that the Taliban would eventually contribute to a great war between their own country and the United States.

Taliban research paper

The next leader of the Taliban was Mullah Muhammad Omar. Mullah Muhammad Omar followed the Islamic law code book, the Sharia, very strongly. By following the book, he began to take over the rights of the Afghan citizens, such as using the Internet and watching television. He even created a dress code for the people of Afghanistan and punished those who did not follow with public executions.

Afghanistan Research Paper

Even though a common religion has been founded in Afghanistan, there is always going to be people who want to control the religion. Religion easily attracts war because of the need for domination amongst people. The Taliban kept their organization going by illegally important things, mostly electronics, as well as growing opium.

Farming is too difficult because modern equipment is unavailable and there have been long periods of drought.

In Julythe large cultivation of drugs in Afghanistan angered many countries and the Taliban had to cut the growth of opium down to a third of what it originally was. During this time, Afghanistan was in a civil war and the Taliban tried to unify Afghanistan, but failed.

The Taliban allowed the al-Qaeda, a terrorist organization, to have training camps on their land and provided protection for the al-Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Ladin.

People also believe that he is responsible for bombing United States embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. The Taliban and Bin Ladin have a close relationship to each other because Bin Ladin has fought with the Mujahadin and has even married one of his daughters to Mullah Muhammad Omar.

War between the United States and Afghanistan had erupted and is still continuing to this day.


The citizens of Afghanistan are innocent and are awaiting a new government system to be founded so that the country can be centralized once again. Religion and the complete dominance of faith have played a major role in the causes of the war.

The concepts of Islam have been taken to a new level and the strict principles of the faith has given the Taliban power over the people of Afghanistan.

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The Taliban has taken the rights away from their people and has changed the Afghan society. It is evident that a new government structure needs to be establish for order in the country, otherwise, it will remain in chaos.Based on first-hand interviews with more than Taliban fighters and officials, as well as civilians, this paper examines how the Taliban govern the lives of Afghans living under their rule.

Taliban governance is more coherent than ever before; high-level commissions govern sectors such as finance, health, education, justice and taxation, with clear . Taliban Research Paper. This sample Taliban Research Paper is published for educational and informational purposes only.

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Lawyer tells Supreme Court that Babri Masjid was demolished by ‘Hindu Taliban’ The arguement came in response to the Shia Waqf Board submitting that it wished to settle the matter of the Babri Masjid-Ram Temple dispute in Ayodhya amicably.

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