Swarm intelligence

Published on Nov 21, Abstract Nature is a great place to go for inspiration when you want to see systems that are robust and have been around for millions of years. Nature provides the inspiration for swarm intelligence.

Swarm intelligence

Boids Boids is an artificial life program, developed by Craig Reynolds inwhich simulates the flocking behaviour of birds. The rules applied in the simplest Boids world are as follows: Self-propelled particles Vicsek et al. Self-propelled particles Self-propelled particles SPPalso referred to as the Vicsek model, was introduced in by Vicsek et al.

It has become a challenge in theoretical physics to find minimal statistical models that capture these behaviours. List of metaphor-based metaheuristics Evolutionary algorithms EAparticle swarm optimization PSOant colony Swarm intelligence ACO and their variants dominate the field of nature-inspired metaheuristics.

A large number of more recent metaphor-inspired metaheuristics have started to attract criticism in the research community for hiding their lack of novelty behind an elaborate metaphor. For algorithms published since that time, see List of metaphor-based metaheuristics. Stochastic diffusion search Bishop [ edit ] Main article: Stochastic diffusion search First published in Stochastic diffusion search SDS [12] [13] was the first Swarm Intelligence metaheuristic.

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SDS is an agent-based probabilistic global search and optimization technique best suited Swarm intelligence problems where the objective function can be decomposed into multiple independent partial-functions.

In the standard version of SDS such partial function evaluations are binary, resulting in each agent becoming active or inactive. Information on hypotheses is diffused across the population via inter-agent communication. Unlike the stigmergic communication used in ACO, in SDS agents communicate hypotheses via a one-to-one communication strategy analogous to the tandem running procedure observed in Leptothorax acervorum.

SDS is both an efficient and robust global search and optimisation algorithm, which has been extensively mathematically described. Ant colony optimization Ant colony optimization ACOintroduced by Dorigo in his doctoral dissertation, is a class of optimization algorithms modeled on the actions of an ant colony.

ACO is a probabilistic technique useful in problems that deal with finding better paths through graphs. Natural ants lay down pheromones directing each other to resources while exploring their environment.

Particle swarm optimization Particle swarm optimization PSO is a global optimization algorithm for dealing with problems in which a best solution can be represented as a point or surface in an n-dimensional space. Hypotheses are plotted in this space and seeded with an initial velocityas well as a communication channel between the particles.

Over time, particles are accelerated towards those particles within their communication grouping which have better fitness values. The main advantage of such an approach over other global minimization strategies such as simulated annealing is that the large number of members that make up the particle swarm make the technique impressively resilient to the problem of local minima.

Applications[ edit ] Swarm Intelligence-based techniques can be used in a number of applications. The European Space Agency is thinking about an orbital swarm for self-assembly and interferometry.

Swarm intelligence

NASA is investigating the use of swarm technology for planetary mapping. A paper by M. Anthony Lewis and George A. Bekey discusses the possibility of using swarm intelligence to control nanobots within the body for the purpose of killing cancer tumors.

This was pioneered separately by Dorigo et al. Reinforcement of the route in the forwards, reverse direction and both simultaneously have been researched: As the system behaves stochastically and is therefore lacking repeatability, there are large hurdles to commercial deployment.

Mobile media and new technologies have the potential to change the threshold for collective action due to swarm intelligence Rheingold: The location of transmission infrastructure for wireless communication networks is an important engineering problem involving competing objectives.

A minimal selection of locations or sites are required subject to providing adequate area coverage for users. A very different-ant inspired swarm intelligence algorithm, stochastic diffusion search SDShas been successfully used to provide a general model for this problem, related to circle packing and set covering.Swarm Intelligence is the principal peer reviewed publication dedicated to reporting research and new developments in this multidisciplinary field.

The journal publishes original research articles and occasional reviews on theoretical, experimental, and practical aspects of swarm intelligence. It. Swarm Intelligence is the principal peer reviewed publication dedicated to reporting research and new developments in this multidisciplinary field.

The journal publishes original research articles and occasional reviews on theoretical, experimental, and practical aspects of swarm intelligence.

Swarm is a cloud-based platform from Unanimous AI that empowers networked groups of people from around the world to amplify their intelligence by thinking together as . Background and update on BOIDS, the model of group motion in flocks, herds, schools and related phenomena.

Includes a Java-based demonstration and many links to related research and applications. Jan 14,  · Swarm intelligence is the discipline that deals with natural and artificial systems composed of many individuals that coordinate using decentralized control and benjaminpohle.com particular, the discipline focuses on the collective behaviors that result from the local interactions of the individuals with each other and with their environment.

Swarm Intelligence is the principal peer-reviewed publication dedicated to reporting on research. and developments in the multidisciplinary field of swarm intelligence.

The journal publishes. original research articles and occasional review articles on theoretical, experimental and/or.


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