Rereading america intro response

Compose a focused essay that consistently and fully develops a clear thesis, employing appropriate methods of development for sustained expository essays. Use sufficient information from outside sources to develop their essays. Integrate information and ideas from sources effectively in their own writing. Conform to the conventions of the MLA documentation system.

Rereading america intro response

He gives examples of famous, intelligent people, such as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, who accomplished great things without getting their education in school. Gatto is not saying that children do not need to be educated. The point to the essay is to shed light on how schools are not the most efficient way to educate children and that schools do more harm than good.

Rereading america intro response

Gatto introduces what he believes are the six main purposes of schools. The ideas he presents as being the reasoning for school are meant to show the reader how much the government wants to control what we learn and what we do in society. The government wants this system that makes people learn the same things and act the same way so that they can maintain ultimate control over society.

I do not believe that school is the only way that one could be educated.

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It is good at a young age to learn basic skills in writing, math, and other topics that everyone needs to use eventually. The way society works, the more education you can prove that you have received, the more likely you are to succeed.

According to Gatto, this is the government trying to prevent people from becoming too educated by slowing down their learning process and the rate in which they enter working fields. Sometimes, I felt, as I know many other friends of mine felt, that as I got older, not all of the subjects I was forced to take were as relevant or useful to me.

When teens are in high school, the subjects they take are still very much controlled when, at this age, many teens already have an idea for a career path. The number of years that is what is expected for education has increased over time.

It does not seem like the number of years in school would directly result in better, more intelligent workers. People have different goals and interests.

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It should not be required that every student take the same subjects if they ultimately want to pursue different careers. Works Cited Gatto, John.Rhetoric Honors. Home; Teacher Pages; Jeff Jarot Home Page; Rhetoric Honors; AP Literature and Composition; "Rereading America" Reading Assignment (Technology Intro) "Still Separate, Still Unequal" Discussion "The Last Temptation" Written Response "The Murder of Emmett Till" Discussion "The Myth of the Latin Woman" / .

Chap 4, Rereading America, "From Fly Girls to Bitches and Hos" pp Unit 4 Book Selection List assignment descript ion LESSON: Reading discussion & textual analysis.

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