Nyc trip

She wanted to share with us her story of her fun day trip from NYC to Philly. I created my travel and lifestyle blog, Musings and Adventuresin January because I have always wanted to chronicle my travels in addition to travelling sustainably and with purpose.

Nyc trip

I took a super early flight on Monday so I could spend the day with my little niece Emerson! I was up at 4 am for the flight and got to NYC in time for breakfast with my sister and Em. My doctor told me I could fly until 36 weeks, but this was my last trip! We went for a long hot walk along the Brooklyn waterfront.

Our walk ended at a food hall in downtown Brooklyn where Larbs and I shared two delicious dishes: And this tapas plate, which we barely touched because per usual we ordered too much food. The lighting down in the underground was fantastic…not. I was saving room for some Ample Hills ice cream!

The nice lady helping us convinced us to ry the 6-scoop sampler, which we thought would be 6 tiny scoops. Marshmallow rice krispie, two kinds of gooey cake, honey, and cookies and sweet cream. We walked back to the apartment only to find Nyc trip had lost a shoe and we had to double back, covering about 5 miles total over the course of the morning!

I was exhausted after getting up so early and walking so much in the heat! I was ready for a nap just like Emerson.

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Larbs got us an Ollie Swaddlewhich she swears by, and Em was thrilled to show me how it worked. She went down for her nap, and I took a Lyft to Manhattan for mine! I had just enough time for a short nap and a great shower before heading out to dinner with the Cans group. We were all registered dietitians, so it was really fun to connect and chat all things nutrition and the media.

We hopped in cabs and went to Huertas in the East Village for dinner. They had a mocktail for me, which was much appreciated! This was made with peach juice from a can! The chef spoke to us about how canning has been used for many years in Spain to preserve and share the abundance of seafood they have there.

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Many of the tapas we shared were made with canned foods like clams, tuna, artichokes, beans, and even canned potatoes! I loved the dessert — Granita de Cereza: I was happy to be in bed by 8: We had an early start the next day! Our workshop started with breakfast at the office with yogurt parfaits, eggs, and fruit.

We spent the morning learning about the history, research, benefits, and trends of canned goods.

Nyc trip

Current staples in my house are canned fish sardines, tuna, salmonbeans, pumpkin, coconut, tomato products, and artichokes.

I learned I have more I should add! I hope to share more in depth with you later this year.

She made two fantastic dishes, including an awesome salad dressing made from canned apricots! Our lunch spread included her dishes — a summery salad with goat cheese balls rolled in pistachios and canned artichokes — and a Caribbean Wok dish with beans and veggies.

This was my first time having canned sweet potato cubes — yum!Find cheap flights in seconds, explore destinations on a map, and sign up for fare alerts on Google Flights. Explore Begin your trip and explore the most iconic cities in America.

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Nyc trip

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