Mass media role in malaysia

For the first twenty five years of his career, he was assigned to various police departments in several States in the country. Apart from criminal investigation, he also served as an Investigator in the Traffic Department, as Police Prosecutor in the magistrate courts, as an Administrator and Area Inspector and as Investigator in the Disciplinary branch of the Federal Police Headquarters in Bukit Aman. For his brilliant career, he was again appointed by His Majesty to be the Malaysian Ambassador for France from to The Unit was set up to help spearhead strategic communications advice and planning for the government.

Mass media role in malaysia

It is one of the most powerful tools of communication in the developing countries, as well as in the developed countries. It can aid in promoting the right things at a right point of time, or can make use of any situation to create disturbance around the people or in the society.

Media helps to provide a strong message to the world about what is right or wrong.

Mass media role in malaysia

Media is present all around us. For example, when we watch the Television; listen to the radio; read books, newspapers, magazines, journals; etc.

Mass media role in malaysia

The world is making a steady progress towards a better future every day. The mass media helps people to remain informed and updated about the various news, events, social activities, lifestyle, entertainment, and advertisements irrespective of the geographical barriers.

Like, even while sitting miles away, one got the breaking news of Barack Obama winning the Presidential election. He became the first African American to hold the office. Mass media have made profound impact on societies and their culture. Subsequently, they typically mirror what others do.

Furthermore, media are a storehouse of information. It educate individuals about day to day occasions or new revelations. For instance, in the race of president, the devotee of candidates publicize in media such as, TV or the web for them, and ingest consideration regarding choose any individual that they need.

However, mass media can have both positive and negative impact on the lives and on the minds of the people. It depends on the mindset of the people, as to which side they look for. They might consider by wearing short dresses they can become cool just like the TV personalities they admire.

While the above point stresses on the negative impact of TV, it also has made some positive impact for the society. It mainly discusses and provides possible solutions relating to the various social issues of India. It aims to empower citizens with informations. Hence, through this type of shows, many NGOs comes up with the social causes and holds campaigns, demonstration, and protests in order to demand justice.

Some Other Mass Media Platforms a.

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Social Media has the power to mobilize mass movement. For example, Tunisia and Egypt saw an increasing use of the social media platforms, i. In India, literacy forms a substantial barrier to the development of a country. Community Radio lends a voice to the community they serve with programmes in local languages, and also respecting the local culture and tradition.

It also provides a counterbalance to the increasing globalization and commercialization of media.

Role Of Mass Media In Today's Society

Any programmes can be successful, if the information is disseminated at grassroots level. Hence, radio forms another major platform that helps in reaching out the rural masses, especially creating awareness regarding government policies.

National TV Channels holds educational programs. It helps in educating the children.Get the latest international news and world events from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and more.

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The Media of Singapore refers to mass communication methods through broadcasting, publishing, and the Internet available in the benjaminpohle.comore's media environment is considered to be highly controlled by the government.

Comprising the publishing, print, broadcasting, film, music, digital, and IT media sectors, the media industry collectively employed about 38, people and contributed 1.

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