Managing multicultural fet college

Faculty are already feeling the pressure to lecture less, to make learning environments more interactive, to integrate technology into the learning experience, and to use collaborative learning strategies when appropriate. Some of the more prominent strategies are outlined below. For more information about the use of these and other pedagogical approaches, contact the Program in Support of Teaching and Learning. For many years, the lecture method was the most widely used instructional strategy in college classrooms.

Managing multicultural fet college

Author admin Comment 0 This posed a big challenge towards the leadership and management of these colleges. The top management of these colleges is now faced with the complex and diverse leadership and change management issues.

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Originally, some of these colleges had predominantly white staff members and others had predominantly black staff members. The merger process then brought these different cultures together to function under one roof.

For the purpose of this paper, our discussions will reflect the leadership and change management challenges faced by the management of Umfolozi FET College situated in the Northern-East of KZN. Subsequently, the paper will discuss some theoretical aspects relating to the issue of diversity within the college environment.

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Finally, the paper will then make recommendations as to what leadership implications there are in order to deal with diversity. Introduction Managing a multicultural workforce poses a complex challenges in both leadership and management style of the organisation.

The challenges are mainly attributable to the different views on how to deal with a culturally diverse workforce as well as our deep understanding of the meaning of such cultures. Culture forces people to behave in a certain manner that distinguishes them from other people.

© Stephen Petrina. (in press). Curriculum and Instruction For Technology Teachers Designers neglect theory. Teachers, however, cannot afford to neglect either. Five key ingredients for improving student motivation Kaylene C. Williams California State University, Stanislaus Caroline C. Williams University of Wisconsin, Madison ABSTRACT well in college. (McGlynn, ; Fulton and Turner, ). Fet Enhlazeni College Course Of Project Management More references related to fet enhlazeni college course of project management Kingdoms United Great Britain And Ireland Since Integration And Diversity. Title: Fet Enhlazeni College Course Of Project Management PDF Download.

When people move to other parts of the world, region or work environment, they tend to retain their cultures. It then becomes a challenge to bring these people from such diverse cultural backgrounds to work effectively together without any prejudice by one culture against other cultures.

Umfolozi FET College is not immune to these challenges, as it also comprises of eople from a multicultural backgrounds. One then needs to begin by looking at what necessitated this multicultural organisation.Group Work in the Classroom.

This video describes the use of group work in the college classroom and discusses best practices in regards to implementing collaborative learning and group work, choosing groups, assessment of group work and other topics.

Strategies for Promoting and Managing Effective Group Work - This resource . A report by High Fliers Research concluded that college graduates without work experience have "little chance" of getting a job.

High Fliers Research managing HuffPost MultiCultural/HPMG. Managing Multicultural Fet College Posted on April 4, March 28, Author admin Comment(0) This posed a big challenge towards the leadership and management of these colleges.

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Managing multicultural fet college

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