How to study for an exam

Having a good study guide is essential. These will teach you all the math concepts you need for the exam. The best one for you is depends on a number of different factors including budget, learning style and your mathematics background.

How to study for an exam

It helps if you spend 15 min a day just reading over your notes. It makes studying for exams way easier. It will be on the tests. I read the book because it helps clarify ideas I am confused about. Another great way to study is to use the Learnsmart flashcards.

It helps you see what areas you need to focus on better. Make sure you are well read on the reading assignments posted on blackboard. Utilize the online study materials such as the Saladin or Tegrity website. This will help reinforce what you have read and supplement your reading.

In your free time read the chapters in the book and take notes from the book also. A lot of time you might miss important things in lecture that you can learn by taking your own notes. Another tip for both lecture and lab would be to take it at the same time and read the lab manual and make notecards.

The notecards can help for both lab and lecture. The class is all on how you manage your time because there is no way you can learn everything by cramming in one night before the test. Take time a couple days a week to look things over and refresh your memory.

It's a difficult class but if you stick with it and stay positive then you will do great! They build on each other. It starts with your own attitude and motivation. What you put into the class will be what you get out of it.


Before the lecture, skim the chapter to get an understanding of the big picture. Go to the lecture.

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After the lecture, review the lecture notes along with the chapter. The notes will help you to focus on what is most important, and the chapter may provide clarification of topics in your notes.

Be sure to start reviewing for exams a few days before the test. During the lecture, highlight the information that is being covered in the textbook. Then review the highlighted sections and the lecture notes after class. Use the practice quizzes and questions to prepare for exams.

Reference that lab manual material! Sometimes the questions in there were helpful, or the readings explained things a little better.

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Pay close attention in class. The professor is unlikely to repeat the content, so write down important details ASAP. If content is repeated, make a note of it. This fact will be needed for the next exam. The professor is more than willing to thoroughly explain. The night before each test a friend and I would get together and go through the notes and explain different processes and quiz each other.

Studying with someone helped me the most. She also helped clear up any questions I had. Read the chapter in the textbook and pay particular attention to the terms and information that the professor goes over in class.Tips: please using the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox to start test!

Welcome to PTE practice test. Read the prompt below. In 25 seconds, you must reply in. I was able to cover pages of material per hour studying the way CPAexcel told me to.

This included going back and retaking practice exams until I scored well . Study Guides. Often, agencies that administer civil service examinations provide study guides that include sample test questions.

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Contact your state civil service commission or the government agency giving the test to obtain a guide. If you have E exams and D days to study for them, spend roughly D/E days studying for each exam.

(E.g., if you have 4 exams and 5 days to study for them, spend a little more than 1 day ( days to be exact) studying for each exam.).

How to study for an exam

Nov 12,  · How to Prepare for Your First Law School Exams. The most important thing is to realize that there is no easy way out. This is not a "work smarter, not harder" situation.

Study . These will make great study sheets for the exam. Look at the problems soon after you have done one in class. Each day after lecture, look at the back of the chapter and find the .

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