Essay on sexual harassment in college and at workplace

Example Essays With all the means of technology people use recently, they are informed of most of the accidents and incidents, which occur in this world if not all of all of them.

Essay on sexual harassment in college and at workplace

In Assignment Sample The simplest manner to explain what sexual harassment entails is to explain that, it is any type of unwanted sexual interest. It does not have anything to pertaining mutual attraction or friendship between two individuals, which is usual and constructive.

On the contra, sexual harassment entails degradation or offence to the person being harassed. It is does not entail fun, flirting or complimenting. Indeed, as Rowe explains sexual harassment can occur to anybody.

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However, under the law sexual harassment is illegal and is punishable. Sexual harassment may happen in a number of situations, some of these situations are: Some acts or utterances are extremely odious that they are obviously sexual harassment and they need not be repeated.

However, as Harper notes, some other occurrence for example, undesired invitation or flattering remark, if not repeated may not be considered as sexual harassment. The sexual harassment does not necessarily have to be purposeful; it could as well happen in instances where a sensible individual would have imagined that such a conduct would end up being offensive.

At the same time, other sexual harassment, for instance, sexual assault, offensive exposure as well as stalking are as well criminal acts.

Essay on sexual harassment in college and at workplace

Statistics According to available data from U. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOC in the financial year of alone, it received more than 13, complaints of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment affects working environment Supposing you are sacked, denied a promotion, given a bad performance assessment, demoted or reassigned to a poor pleasing position simply because you refuse a sexual approach, that certainly can be termed as sexual harassment.

Even when such conduct from a superior does not impact your remuneration or alter your job status, it is sexual harassment if such conduct unnecessarily hamper with your job performance or results in a situation that is intimidating, aggressive or unpleasant work environment.

For instance, it might be unlawful sexual harassment supposing continuous sexual utterances make you to be uncomfortable at your workplace or it affects your performance or supposing you reject professional opportunities on the grounds that it will make you have close contact with a person harassing you.

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Sexual harassment is illegal As Boland explains sexual harassment is illegal and there are laws which have been formulated in order to protect the people especially the workers against their bosses, co-workers and any other people who may harass them.

Even the women are the one mostly harassed; men as well could be harassed. Those harassing other could be from the same gender of opposite gender.

According to the federal law, it categorically prohibits sexual harassment at the workplace. Accordingly, the law stipulated that the employer has the duty to prevent and stop any sexual harassment that happening at the work place.

The law applies to all private as well as many public companies, labor agencies and any employment organization that has more than 14 employees. Retaliating is as well illegal Despite the fact that sexual harassment is illegal, retaliating or revenging against a person who complain of being sexually harassed or for taking part in an inquiry of sexual harassment Boland, Instances of retaliation entail: Supposing your company or boss retaliates against you because of the complaints made or taking part in a sexual harassment inquiry, you can take legal action against that company or your boss.Sexual Harassment Essay Examples.

total results. Truth and Lies Regarding Sexual Harassment. words. An Analysis and Comprehensive Understanding of the Concept of Sexual Harassement.

Roger Ailes (July 2016)

words. 1 page. An Analysis of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace as a . These are all the men in Hollywood, politics, business and more accused of sexual assault and harassment since the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Since Harvey Weinstein was exposed as a serial predator, there have been allegations of terrifying behavior by dozens of men.

Sexual Harassment Unwelcome lewd gestures, demands for sexual favors and other verbal or physical behavior of a sexual nature. A verbal badgering is in oral structure and incorporates uncomfortable and hostile teasing, clowning, addressing, joking or making suggestive comments or . CORRUPTION Is the City of Redondo Beach above the law?

Under Redondo Beach City policy, California State law, and Federal law, it is illegal to retaliate against police supervisors for reporting incidents of sexual harassment or racial discriminatory hiring practices reported to . E. Postoperative Care. The responsibility for the patient’s postoperative care rests primarily with the operating surgeon.

The emergence of critical care specialists has provided important support in the management of patients with complicated systemic problems.

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