Ecotourism in malaysia

Habibah,Mohd Yusoff Hussain, J. Hamzah, Er Ah Choy, M.

Ecotourism in malaysia

Discussion Studies on the island flora have been conducted by several researches. In Malaysia for example, a few forested islands have been selected as research sites to explain the distribution of tree species.

Recent studies by Senterre et al. Meanwhile, Mahmud Khairil et al. It is part of the conservation of biodiversity effort initiated due to the development of tourist resort that starts to make sense in those islands.

What is seen in Pulau Perhentian is a sanctuary of flora and fauna in both the land and sea ecosystem. The blue ocean that surrounds the island is the aquatic paradise for tourists. However, little is known on the bliss of the land occupied with the extensive forest stands where the tiny creatures often hide.

Inventories on the tree species conducted, led to the discovery of several flora species occupying the forested island of Pulau Perhentian.

Some of the major tree family that dominates the study site comprising of Dipterocarpaceae, Myrtaceae, Anacardiaceae, Hypericaceae, Euphorbiaceae and Verbenaceae.

Identification of the tree taxa was crucial to give some clue on what sorts of plants or trees were favoured by the animals hiding within the forests as trees are the main plant forms that make their habitat. This indicates the need to protect the existing rainforests.

Previously, Latif et al. Similarly, this is what should have been done in Pulau Perhentian. Due to the natural geographical formation of the island with the hills and steep slopes dominating the mainland, the flat land is limited and can only be found on various strips of the beach.

Therefore, there is no future onlarge scale agricultural and forestry activities on the island. Besides, the effort to industrialize the island is also worthless as there is no work force and resources. The only way for sustainable development of the island is to let the island be as it is, of course with the natural habitats itself but taking more effort to introduce and develop more ecotourism activities Latif et al.

In order to promote ecotourism, the biological component itself must be discovered and highlighted. In this case, the enchanting flora and fauna would be a good source. Forest inventories seem to be the most common ways to gain spatially based surveys within the project area to quantitatively assess species distributions by habitat type.

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Recent studies by Rahim et al. The Dusky langur is spotted within the nearby forest and feed on the young shoot of Terminalia catappa Ketapang. Therefore, the forest should be conserved as it could attract tourists who would like to see those enchanting mammals as well as to learn about the surrounding plants.

The surrounding environment of Pulau Perhentian is covered with extensive stands of several plants species that include trees, climbers, palms and shrubs forming a dense forest floor and highly covered canopy. The finding shows that the tree height is reaching almost to 30 meter.


At this height, it is enough for some animals such as birds to perch and some mammals to crawl on the tree trunks and branches. In studies by Davis et al.Borneo is the world's third largest island in the world made up of 3 countries, Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak & Brunei and boasts both the oldest Rainforest in the world and also the region with the highest Biodiversity density in the world, home to .

The Malaysian Ecotourism Association (MEA) is Malaysia's national association for ecotourism representing diverse sectors of the ecotourism industry throughout Malaysia.

Ecotourism in malaysia

Its members represent Governmental agencies, private enterprises, academic institutions, non-governmental agencies and professionals who are dedicated to the development and advancement of ecotourism in Malaysia. OF ECOTOURISM IN MALAYSIA-Mohd Director, Nawayai Zoo Park Yasak Melaka Malaysia Department of Wildlife and National 1.

Historical Background Until the s, tourism was not regarded as an important economic activity in Malaysia. The Faculty of Forestry, University Putra Malaysia initiated the First International Conference on Adventure and Ecotourism (ICAE ) in December at the Regency Jerai Hill Resort in.

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For ecotourism, Malaysia has many potential destinations. It is blessed with a variety of ecosystems such as tropical rain forests, mangroves, swamps, mountains, limestone, caves, and so on. Some famous places in Malaysia have been known that promote ecotourism, such as the.

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Ecotourism in malaysia

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