Cultural issues in internationa business essay

International Business Challenges in a Globalised World Introduction The globalisation of business and commerce has become an increasingly significant reality worldwide: The rise of globalisation posits a number of important challenges to a business seeking international presence.

Cultural issues in internationa business essay

At the same time, the C2C marketing had experienced explosive growth from 6 million users to 40 million users. The company stakeholders included the highly educated, professional elite and experienced employees, and executives experienced in western education and are hired worldwide.

Besides, the stakeholders of Taobao included highly motivated college students who considered each as brothers and sisters in the company and were only promoted within the company. The executives were local graduates and most promoted from the local company. The case study explores the question why the international internet firms suffered a setback and defeats in trying to grow in the emerging Chinese e-commerce market.

Additionally, the essay offers some insights into how multinational firms could compete with the local companies. The case study is based on the two explore rivals in china: Theory Analysis Cultural issues in business management are geared towards the establishment of the business goals through efficient and effective organizing, coordinating, planning, staffing, directing and controlling the resources of the organization.

To detail, most business entities differ in a new environment for cultural management. Theoretically, the five culture dimensions clearly tell the similarities and differences in cultures of various countries.

The research was done to analyze the influence on cultural issues that affect international business.

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The PDI often connects to centralization of power, decision making and leadership in businesses. However, the less powerful employees will make efforts to bring down the gap between them and the manager. International business faces challenges of meeting various cultures with dissimilar power distance culture.

The relations from other persons are regarded as less significant than oneself. In comparison with individualism, inclined business culture is focused on a combination of social organizations divided into outside and inside groups.

Employees hope to be cared for by the people inside the group in exchange of their loyalty and can sacrifice for the group. Consequently, the individualist emphasizes on the importance to themselves in the business, and they hope to be watched by the stakeholders.

The individualists, therefore, strive to do better and better and become the best, overvalue their ability and gaining strong upward mobility. The table below represents individualism in international business definition of the self structure of goals emphasis on norms versus attitudes emphasis on rationality versus relatedness Italian individualism managers autonomous and interdependent from groups priority to personal goals attitudes supersede norms emphasize on rationality Chinese subordinates independent with others priority to in-group goals attitude equals to norms emphasize on unconditional relatedness problems loss spirit of team work managers are seen not to care of the business objectives managers easily show attitude when norm employees make mistakes due to relationships Source: In this society, men have a responsibility to earn money for the family and work hard to be successful in the society.

Women take care of the housework such as cleaning and cooking. This society is reflected in the market departments and business human resource management Goddard The human resource management is responsible for recruiting correct staff and properly positions them so that the marketing docket can take good care of the human resources and make profits for the business.

In feminine society, both men and women can go out and look for money for the family.

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Masculinity Problems in the Company high masculine Italian managers high masculine Chinese subordinates problems life is for work life is for work consensus achievement motivation achievement motivation consensus greater value of difference between men and women for the same job greater value of difference between men and women for the same job consensus Source: The society has created procedures of avoiding uncertainty, for instance, the use of technology.

Different societies have different mechanisms of adapting to uncertainties. In the business, the high uncertain avoidance society worries more on the future and any uncertainty, hence, more ways to defend anxiety.

However, low uncertainty avoidance business society has fewer worried on the future and anxieties and develops fewer business rules. The table below represents the uncertainty avoidance for the case company. Values inclined in long-term orientation are perseverance and thrift.

The values associated with short-term orientation are fulfilling social obligations and respect for traditions faces. The long-term orientations in the case company may be represented as below Italian bosses high LTO Chinese subordinates problems cannot understand perseverance stubborn employees cannot understand sense of shame is rampant unconfident employees cannot understand relationships dictated by status blind obedience Source: Therefore, international businesses, managers and employees in the foreign and local country must treat different culture right.

Cross-Cultural Training This is the principal method of eliminating conflicts of culture for effective cultural business management.

Cultural issues in internationa business essay

It decreases culture conflicts the business may face. Cultural training enables businesses to maintain cohesion and spirit of the company, stable interpersonal relationships and strengthens team spirit Goddard This includes local culture training and coming culture training for local managers and subordinates.

Expatriate Selection A god expatriate provides work geared towards the profitability of the business. The expatriates should be easily adaptable to changing cultural environment.

Changing the working environment provides culture shocks. Bad adaptability will cause pain to the employees and cause job dissatisfaction.

Changes in environment may also have health complications on the expatriate, hence the need for right selection. A study of the second career culture at Send International.Cultural issues in business are a phenomenon born by globalization of the market where companies invest in a foreign country to bring the culture of the host country and the company’s culture into contact.

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Cultural issues in internationa business essay

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Ethical Issues in International Business – Essay Sample Home / Essay Examples / Business / Ethical Issues in Internationa The Lima, Peru, office case study is a bright example of how cultural and ethical disparities can cause not only misunderstanding, but also law breaking practices.

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