Crowdsourced writing assessment topics

December 08, see history DOI: However, medical education has yet to develop large-scale online learning centers. Crowd-sourced curriculum development may expedite the realization of this potential while providing opportunities for innovation and scholarship.

Crowdsourced writing assessment topics

Toyota proposed a similar contest in to re-design their logo, for which they received over 27, submissions.

crowdsourced writing assessment topics

Wikipedia, itself a product of a crowdsourced approach to writing an encyclopedia, provides an elegant definition: These range from www. Mongolia, 15 where contributors study satellite images of Mongolia to help direct the archaeological survey team on the ground.

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We might suggest that this has the effect of creating self-selected groups, people who participate not just by interest, but also by technological proficiency.

We asked, can public history be crowdsourced? What does that even mean? How could the SMS system be used to collect local knowledge of heritage resources? What can be curated in this way?

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In what ways would such a system change the nature of local knowledge, once that knowledge becomes available to the wider world on the web?

Could a low-tech approach to crowdsourcing history reach this particular crowd, and what kind of history would emerge? Education is a provincial responsibility in Canada, and the Province of Quebec teaches a very different historical narrative than the Province of Ontario.

Our project then has the political and social goal of validating those marginalized histories—we seek to give a sense of legitimacy to the historical narratives of the local community. This made us question the role of the historian in this context; by crowdsourcing local history, we had transcended the traditional role of the historian as being an arbiter of historical truth.

This mission is distinctly different from that of most academic historians, whose work is centered around the construction of historical narratives based on the analysis of sources, and that of the museum or public historian, which attempts to provide an impartial and objective narrative of the past for public consumption.

As of the end of July, we have received 25 reports 5 voice mail contributions, 7 SMS contributions, and 13 e-mails, from unique contributorsand the site has 50 reports listed this number includes the previous amount plus reports submitted via the website. At the time of writing, the site had been open to the public for a total of 54 days.

As the Upper Ottawa Valley has a population of approximately 90 people, this means on average that about one in four thousand people living in the targeted area made a submission to the project. The promotion of the project took place by contacting local history associations and genealogical groups, churches, and museums via mail and e-mail.

A brief labour disruption with Canada Post, the national postal operator, occurred in the early phases of the project but we do not believe it to have been responsible for any significant delays in processing our mail.

During the course of the project, however, it became evident that a second crowdsourcing method could be used for a similar goal. This produced a sizeable collection of heritage materials.

The use of automated spiders and other software tools such as DownThemAll or DevonAgent could speed this process up and broaden its reach considerably. Crowdsourcing should not be a first step. The resources are already out there; why not trawl, crawl, spider, and collect what has already been uploaded to the internet?First-draft writing--prompt writing--is what standardized writing assessments are all about.

| See more ideas about Funny animal, Funny animals and Funny pets. In recent years online educational content, efforts at quality appraisal, and integration of online material into institutional teaching initiatives have increased.

However, medical education has yet to develop large-scale online learning centers.

crowdsourced writing assessment topics

Crowd-sourced curriculum development may expedite the realization of this potential while providing opportunities for innovation and scholarship.

Proceedings of the Fifth Workshop on Computational Linguistics and Clinical Psychology: From Keyboard to Clinic, pages 25–36 New Orleans, Louisiana, June 5, This is an anchor essay for the “crowdsourcing” section — impeccably written, its claims well researched and substantiated, and containing (without belaboring) the most nuanced and mature notions of the bunch, about the key issues of roles and interchanges among scholars and .

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