Business report cover letter sample

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Business report cover letter sample

Pre-tax earnings excluding the restructuring reserve were up 21 percent over the comparable amount a year ago. This marked the 31st consecutive fiscal year of increased dividend payments.

We are proud of our long and successful history. The restructuring program primarily focuses on consolidations of manufacturing operations, which result in the conversion or disposal of some plants, buildings, and equipment in the United States and business report cover letter sample.

A significant part of the program includes a sharp curtailment of Duncan Hines cookie manufacturing operations in the United States and Canada. We are continuing to pursue these lawsuits in U.

Over the long-term, the restructuring program will result in a stronger, more competitive company and will set the stage for more vigorous growth in the current year and beyond.

Acquisitions Earlier this month, the Company announced an agreement to purchase all shares of the Blendax Group subject to governmental agreement.

business report cover letter sample

Blendax is a major European manufacturer and marketer of health and beauty aids headquartered in Mainz, Germany. It holds important market positions in the Federal Republic of Germany and Austria.

Creating Professional Cover Pages for Reports

Its experienced organization of more than 2, employees will give the Company an expanded presence in European health and beauty aid markets. The line comprises a full range of sun care products for tanning, sun protection and moisturizing. A new unit volume record was established for the domestic consumer products divisions despite a business climate that was particularly competitive throughout the markets in which we do business.

Termination of investment tax credits by the Tax Reform Act of had a negative impact on net earnings this past year. However, beginning July 1,the drop in the federal statutory tax rate from 46 to 34 percent under the Act will more than offset the loss of these tax credits.

Notable volume and market share increases were achieved in the dentifrice and deodorant categories, led by Crest Tartar Control toothpaste and Secret anti-perspirant.

In the mouthwash category, Peppermint Scope was expanded broadly as a companion product to Original Mint Scope. Two new and unique health and beauty aids were expanded into national distribution: New Pert Plus, which replaced original Pert, is the first hair care product that delivers complete cleaning and conditioning benefits in one product.

There was significant growth in the coffee and fruit juice business. A record market share boosted Vacuum Folgers coffee to leadership in its category. Record unit volumes of Citrus Hill Select orange juice were shipped, and the stage was set for future growth by expanding Citrus Hill Plus Calcium nationally in orange juice and grapefruit flavors.

Its calcium source marks an important breakthrough in family nutrition. Patent approval on the product is pending. Record unit volume was attained in paper products, led by Charmin bathroom tissue, Bounty towels, Always feminine sanitary pads and liners, and Pampers disposable diapers, all of which reported significant growth over the previous year.

New Always Slender for Teens was expanded nationally late in the year and is directed specifically at the teenage catamenial market. In June, Luvs Deluxe diapers with improved containment and ultra thin padding were expanded into national distribution.

In the laundry and cleaning products segment, a number of reformulated and companion products to existing Company brands were expanded successfully to national distribution.

Our industrial and institutional businesses made significant progress this past year, most notably from improved margins on wood pulp that helped to restore profitability to more satisfactory levels. This represented an increase of 38 percent over the prior year.

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This was the second straight year of strong earnings growth. The growth was broadly based geographically and by product line and included the effect of favorable currency exchange rates. The soap and detergent business in Europe recorded significantly improved margins. New or re-formulated products expanded our brand line-up in many major markets.

Additionally, we are very encouraged by the growth of the citrus beverage business in Germany, where we introduced improved products with unique technology that retains more of the natural juice flavors. In most countries improved versions of Pampers contributed important unit volume growth.

This progress was particularly noteworthy in Japan, where our market share improved in a disposable diaper category that has grown substantially. Revised divisional structures and the combining of companies in many countries are providing efficiencies and presenting new opportunities for business growth to the unified organizations.

Geographic expansion activities continued during the past year.8+ Report Cover Page Samples As important as an actual report, a report cover page, being the first page of a report document, is where you can see the title of the report, detailed with such information that you can be able to think ahead or grasp a clear idea of what to expect after opening the first few pages of the report document.

Guidelines: Annual Report, CEO Letter. Annual Report, Letter from the CEO. Guidelines and Alternate Phrases. Give a state-of-the-company summary statement, including new product or new service information, financial position, marketing matters, proposed new ventures, and legal confrontations.

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