Bachelor of arts community development essay

Blog Articles The Community Development program is founded on the belief that transformation of human life is a divine mandate that has to be undertaken if human dignity is to be restored. It further believes that this transformation can only occur if carried out using holistic approaches and by development practitioners who are devoted to and believe in creating a community whose members embrace and strive for equity and social justice. Goal of the program The goal of the Bachelor of Arts in Community Development program is to train high quality transformative community leaders and practitioners who will demonstrate skills, attitude and capacity to address community development issues that empower individuals for quality living. Expected Learning outcomes By the end of the program, learner will be able to:

Bachelor of arts community development essay

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The Bachelor of Arts Community Development online degree will equip you with the skills and strong practical knowledge for a career working with a variety of community groups and institutions.

With this online course you will develop skills in communication, critical thinking, social policy and social justice that you can apply to a wealth of career options including the non-profit and government sectors.

Riverton University Bachelor of Arts Community Development will give you valuable knowledge and understanding of the issues that affect community members and community groups. If you want to be in high demand for your knowledge and understanding of community issues then the Community Development course is for you.

Bachelor of arts community development essay

Intended Program Outcomes This degree aims to develop your skills and abilities in communication, critical thinking, ethics and social justice as well as developing more specific knowledge related to Community Development.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Arts Community Development will be suitable candidates for a wide range of careers in community services and welfare groups, government departments, and not-for-profit organisations.

The broad aim of the programme is to provide an opportunity for people who are active in the community to achieve formal qualifications in the community work field. This course has been developed in partnership with community groups and consists of lectures, workshops, seminars, combined with a substantial practical element, based in the community.

Participants will remain within the community setting, thereby sustaining their contribution to the community while developing the capacity to add value to that contribution through supervised and supported learning in the workplace. The course will be assessed by continuous assessment: Practical work placement within the community will also contribute to assessment.

It is envisaged that Higher Certificate holders will be qualified to seek employment in any of the following areas: Development workers within a Community Education Project.

Bachelor of arts community development essay

Development worker within a Community Resource Centre. Project Managers Skilled worker in Adult Literacy, community-based health and well-being programmes Degree Requirements A degree with a major in business administration requires the successful completion of 99 credits of coursework, including 30 credits for the major; 63 credits in general education requirements and 6 credits for the dissertation.

Distance Learning Riverton University offers distance learning, Weekday and Weekend, Programs that allow busy professionals to achieve their educational goals. Requirements for the long distance leaning are: Students should have current employment with no less than 2 years of experience Self-discipline and able to meet strict academic deadlines Have internet access and personal computer Be able to attend lecture sessions once a month and Riverton University main campus.

This includes all assignments, exams, papers, and other projects required by the lecturer. Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty are not tolerated at Riverton University. Violators of this policy will be subject to sanction.B.A. Human Development: Social Change Concentration.

This Bachelor of Arts in Human Development degree program with a concentration in Social Change is rooted in the knowledge that personal growth and evoking positive social change are interconnected processes.

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT This essay will out line plans for a project based on Community Development (CD) principles to assess and address health inequalities within the Black African community.

Experience has no substitute. A strong focus on student success, JCU is committed to excellence in applied learning, research that makes a difference and lecturers focused on the student experience. About. BA (Hons) Fashion Sportswear teaches how to design and produce activewear and sportswear, from functional to fashion-focused. You will consider how sport, science, new technologies, fashion trends and cultural contexts influence clothing fashion retail. A Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Community Services) offers an opportunity to start a career in community welfare. Download a course guide and apply now!

The chosen community to be involved with is the western part of Brockley (South East London) which consists three blocks of high rise flats within the estate. The 4-year Actor Training Program provides extensive training in acting, movement, voice, and additional aspects of the craft and integrates them into learning and interpreting a wide range of dramatic repertoire.

Bachelor of Arts (Community Development) Delve into what community means and how we live.

Why Study Nursing?

Study social justice, community issues, institutions (family, work, law) and social issues (gender, race, unemployment, health, welfare, deviance and social control).

Apply your learning to community groups, government departments and not-for-profits. Graduates of the Bachelor of Arts in Community Development will be suitable candidates for a wide range of careers in community services and welfare groups, government departments, and not-for- profit organisations.

Career Opportunities With a Bachelor of Arts Degree. In the late 20th century, technology increased exponentially, while productivity (the amount of wealth created per capita) did not keep pace.

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